KOCHI Truth Bracelet

KOCHI Truth Bracelet

KOCHI Truth Bracelet

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Unique bracelet made of obsidian, aventurine and carnelian crystals..


OBIDIAN: One of our oldest known crystals. Already in the Stone Age, it played a decisive role in making the first blades of obsidian and buried it next to their leader to protect his carrier in the afterlife. In ancient times, it was believed to drive out demons and protect its wearer. In the Middle Ages it was used for pain relief and healing, and the Aztec priests predicted it from an obsidian mirror.

The obsidian was actually molten lava, which cooled very quickly so it could not crystallize. It is a strong defensive stone, almost armored against the negative effects. An earthy crystals that absorbs the negative energies of our environment very effectively. Obsidian reveals the cause of the disorder, causes emotional release, and allows for the treatment of older grievances. In such cases, you have to face the problems immediately, because calmness returns only afterwards. If used for this purpose it should be cleaned under running water. The obsidian, when confronted with emerging problems and overcome, provides clarity to the consciousness, clears it of disturbances. It detoxifies our entire body, eliminates blocks of energy flow. It relieves pain associated with arthritis and stimulates blood circulation. It 


also has a beneficial effect on calcified blood vessels and warms the cold limbs. It can also be used to treat enlarged prostate.

It brings up the truth, and then, at the end of understanding, there is forgiveness in our souls.


AVENTURIN: We've known this crystal  since the 17th century. It has been used as a healing stone and until today it is also called a heart medicine. An incredible potent soothing crystal, relieves heart problems, nervous system problems, communication problems for example stuttering.

It balances blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol, and prevents atherosclerosis and heart attack.

It helps to be positive in life.


Helps you make the right decision!



Carneol: Excellent for rebuilding motivation. It is full of vitality. Stimulates metabolism, increases fertility. It heals back problems.

Serpentine: Recommended for diabetes, eases blood sugar control. It helps to control our lives.