KOCHI Energy Cleansing Bracelet

KOCHI Energy Cleansing Bracelet

KOCHI Energy Cleansing Bracelet

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Leather effect bracelet with unique lacing technique: with tiger eye, rutile quartz and agate crystals.


ACHAT: Even in ancient times, it was held in high esteem as a lucky and protective stone. Strong earthing crystal.

It speeds up recovery. It strengthens the immune system. Eliminates stress caused by imbalances between the left and right hemispheres. It refreshes the soul and enables us to see the beauty in everything.

It stabilizes the aura, absorbs and converts negative energies. It has a powerful cleansing effect, both physically and emotionally. It heals the eyes, stomach and uterus, cures skin diseases.


Tiger Eye: One of the 12 Master Crystals. It helps us get on the right path, choosing the perfect one from the options!

It has a beneficial effect on the eyes and enhances vision in the dark. According to popular observations, it helps to heal the throat and genitals, and relieves stenosis. It is also useful in repairing broken bones.


RUTH-QUARTZ: Provides enlightenment to the soul and supports spiritual development. Useful for terepeautas because it filters out negative energy from patients. It can also be used to heal previous lives by removing the routines from the past. An excellent antidote to depression, for a new beginning! It absorbs mercury from nerves, muscles, blood and intestines.