KOCHI Lucky bracelet

KOCHI Lucky bracelet
KOCHI Lucky bracelet
Bracelet with red string, jade stone and ancient oriental bronze coin.

The color red brings energy refreshment and good luck into our lives.

How can the minerals in a bracelet help?

JADE: Already used by our ancestors, in the Far East it was worn as a lucky amulet.
It has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, adrenal glands, removes toxins.
Jade is also a symbol of purity and serenity, a stone of dream.
It has a positive effect on human relationships, gives a sense of security!

Red is a sign of power, but it also warns of danger. Hyperactive people should not wear too many red clothes as they can trigger aggression from them.

The healing effect of the color red:

The color red radiates vitality, but it can also symbolize destruction.
Red is a good detoxifier, it clears the negative attitude from our minds and bodies. But the color red can relax muscles and joints.

For those who catch a cold easily, this color can be very effective.
However, if someone is living in stress, possibly with heart disease, avoid red!
The color red can provide us with the extra boost that will drive us to achieve our goals.