KOCHI Insight Voice, Power Bracelet

KOCHI Insight Voice, Power Bracelet
KOCHI Insight Voice, Power Bracelet

Double bracelet of lapis lazuli, azurite, hematite, amethyst, rhinestone and sodite.


Lapis lazuli, lazur, lazur stone, all refer to the same crsyatl type. It was once considered the stone of the rulers, meaning blue stone. It has a stress-relieving effect, eliminates depression, strengthens the immune system and energizes the body. It balances the function of the glands and is most beneficial to the thyroid gland and the throat. Wearing it in the long term, it lowers hypertension and soothes the heart. It gives its owner confidence and improves communication. It is a powerful spiritual stone that accelerates our spiritual development and can be a useful companion during meditation. A protective mineral that keeps negative energies away from the wearer.

It helps you to understand the messages of the universe!


Azurit: Supports the soul to achieve enlightenment. Spiritual healing and stress relieving. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is used for throat problems.


Hematite: Hematite is primarily a grounding and protective effect. It re-establishes the peace and harmony of the body. Useful in legal matters, enhances will power. Effective in treating excessive eating and smoking. It helps with vision. It helps with blood diseases. It has a beneficial effect on leg cramps, insomnia. It contributes to healing fractures.


Amethyst: Stimulates hormone production, strengthens the immune system. Reduces physical, emotional and psychological pain. Relieves headaches, helps cure skin conditions. It provides a peaceful sleep.


Rhinestone: Stimulates the immune system and balances the body. The most effective healing and energy-enhancing crystal on Earth.


Sodalite: Combines logic with intuition, this stone brings us to a sense of justice and our principles. It removes soda ash from electromagnetic contamination and blocks the radiation when placed on the ferry. Helps heal throat and vocal cords.

Size: 37 cm