NEW A bracelet that gives courage

A bracelet that gives courage
NEW A bracelet that gives courage
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Leather bracelet made of aventurine, tiger eye, rhinestone and white jade minerals.

Mantra: I can do it!

How can the minerals in a bracelet help?

Aventurine: Known since the 17th century. It has been used as a healing stone and to this day it is also called the heart medicine. Incredibly powerful soothing mineral, reduces heart complaints, nervous system problems, communication problems, e.g. the stuttering.
It balances blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels, and prevents atherosclerosis and heart attack.
Succeeding in life is a very positive stone.
It helps to make the right decision!

Tiger Eye: One of the 12 master crystals. It helps us to get on the right path, we can choose the ideal one from the options!
It has a beneficial effect on the eyes and improves vision in the dark. According to folk observations, it helps to heal the throat and genitals and dissolves stenoses. It is also useful in repairing broken bones.