KOCHI Opportunity Bracelet

KOCHI Opportunity Bracelet
KOCHI Opportunity Bracelet

One-row leather effect crystal bracelet with unique lacing, jasper, turquoise, tiger eye, rhyolite, carnelian and serpentine semi-precious stones.


Jasper: Jasper supports the circulation, digestive and genital organs. It earths energy, provides instinctive feelings.


Turquoise: Turquoise is one of the most effective healers. It is a protective stone and has been used as an amulet since human memory. Helps to heal the whole body, especially the eyes, including cataracts. Anti-inflammatory.


Tiger Eye: One of the 12 Master Crystals. It helps us get on the right path, choosing the perfect one from the options!

It has a beneficial effect on the eyes and enhances vision in the dark. According to popular observations, it helps to heal the throat and genitals, and relieves stenosis. It is also useful in repairing broken bones.


Riolite: Riolite, strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem. It strengthens the body, mind and spirit. Riloit strengthens the body's natural resistance. It has a beneficial effect on infections. It dissolves the kidney stones.


Carneol: Excellent for rebuilding motivation. It is full of vitality. Stimulates metabolism, increases fertility. It heals back problems.

Serpentine: Recommended for diabetes, eases blood sugar control. It helps to control our lives.


Size: 21 cm