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KOCHI - The Meditation Necklace
  • KOCHI - The Meditation Necklace
  • KOCHI - The Meditation Necklace

KOCHI - The Meditation Necklace

Necklace designed with: jasper, tibetan agate, tulsi wood, and serpentine gemstones

JASPER: Jasper supports your circulation, digestive and genital systems. Grounds the energies, your intuition will come to life.

AGATE: It stabilizes one’s aura, swallows negative energies. Its clearing effect is strong on emotional level. Cures stomach, ovaries and eyes and helps in curing skin problems.

SERPENTINE: We suggest wearing serpentine jewelry in case of diabetes as it makes it easier to adjust the sugar level in the blood. Helps you in keeping your life’s control in your own hands.
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    More than five thousand years old, traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda medicine is still using the crystals today in their treatments.
    • Colored stones have magical powers attributed to prehistoric man, ancient Egyptians used them as amulets, and the Romans wore them as bracelet.
    • From the16th century, crystals have played a very important role in healing. Paracelsus, in his book has dealt with not only the healing features of the stones but also the structures of the crystals.
    • In today's medical science recognizes a variety of minerals and trace elements essential for our body. Besides, just think of the still mineral waters, or spas.
    • Crystals have a number of physically verifiable properties. For these special, particular physical appearance, we can thank: the laser and radar, we can meet them in the radio, computer, etc..
    • Crystals take, and give energy, they store and transform energies. They balance and harmonize the energy; able to tune in to other sources, can be used as a communication tool.
    • Modern scholars agree that the physical objects are made up of energy, and the crystals are very high level of energy units. On the level of quantum, crystals as a conscious being are always on the move: The vibrations of the universe dance. Following the laws of nature forms its pattern and structure.
    The crystals need to be cleaned not only right after buying them but also after wearing them on weekly basis.
    Place the jewelry for a few hours under the sun or moonlight, or you can dip in the crystal into salt water.
    Before you begin to wear the jewelry, take it into your hand, close your eyes and pay attention to your inner self, feel it as it starts to throb. Ask aloud or in yourself what you want, how you want the crystal to help you. Feel the divine love, white light, angels, the universal energy-whatever you may call it- in your heart and later in the form of throbbing in your hand. Finally, we shall thank for the cooperation and proudly wear our jewelry.
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